Helichrysum Italicum

Helichrysum Italicum is one of my favorite plants. The name is derived from the Greek words “helios” and “chryos”, which mean, “sun” and “gold”

 The essential oil has so many healing properties for a vast array of ailments. If I could only have 3 things in my medicine cabinet this would be one of them!  There are several different varieties of the Helichrysum Plant and the variety and quality you purchase are extremely important. Firstly, Organic is most important not only for your body but the body of the planet from which it comes.  Essential oil that is from the Helichrysum Italicum Immortele is the best and most beneficial. Two of the most beneficial compounds found in this variety are Neryl acetate and alpha-pinene.  These two compounds promote cellular regeneration, wound healing, pain relief, and have powerful anti aging, anti microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.  Helichrysum also has the ability to treat nerve damage and various forms of hearing loss. 


 “Helichrysum Italicum essential oil supports the body’s natural defenses against acne, burns, dermatitis, wounds, abscesses, boils, cuts, eczema, and other skin irritations.   In aromatherapy the scent of helichrysum promotes security and peace of mind.” 

Helichrysum essential oil holds properties such as:  antispasmodic, anticoagulant, antiallergenic, antimicrobial, antihaematoma, antiphlogistic, nervine, antiinflammatory, antitussive, cicatrisant, expectorant, febrifuge, anti septic, cholagogue, emollient, mucolytic, fungicidal, hepatic, diuretic, splenic and cytophylactic substance.

Antimicrobial: Helichrysum Oil inhibits microbial growth


Monica Behan