Nature Restores Balance

Every day, nature nourishes us.  It is there for the taking.

We enjoy being immersed in nature.  Whether it be in a garden, in a forest, on the ocean, or a park in the city. However we connect, nature restores balance.  


When it comes to our skin, the philosophy is the same.   Nature restores balance.     Give your skin cells the nutrients they need and allow our bodies own natural intelligence to restore itself.

Plant based products are the pathway to healthy skin.   Because plant cells and human cells are similarly comprised .    Our cells are much more receptive to like structures than those that are chemically based.  The outer layer of both cells are lipid (oil based) therefore lipid products (anhydrous) are much more penetrable than aqueous (water based) products.  Hence the rise in plant based oil serums.

 Healthy is beautiful..  When we observe this in nature everyday, we cultivate a deep respect for Mother Nature’s wisdom and power.

Whether we live in an Urban Jungle or outside the city, plant based products connect us more to who we really are.

Monica Behan