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All natural & organic skin care products for all skin types. Replenishes, regenerate and restores your skin's nutrients.

Featured Ingredient

Featured Ingredient


We are proud to present Astaplancton/Astaxanthin (A form of Red Algae) as the new featured ingredient in our Boosted Serum!

What is a free radical?

An unstable molecule that attacks, damages and can destroy cells. This causes the aging process.  Which causes the loss of collagen and elastin production, creates sagging skin, fine lines, age spots and dull, lifeless looking skin.

Astaplancton/Astaxanthin is a more powerful anti-oxidant than both Vitamin C and Vitamin E.  A new panacea for skincare!

Antioxidants combat and destroy free radicals, slowing the aging process and preserving healthy cells.

Astaplancton/Astaxanthin has been proven in clinical studies to be 6,000 times more potent than Vitamin C and has 550 times stronger antioxidant power than Vitamin E! It helps protect against UV (sun) damage, increases skin elasticity, and helps sustain the moisture of skin. There have been a number of studies about Astaplancton/Astaxanthin's skin benefits using oral supplement, topical application, or the combination. These studies have shown a substantial improvement (between 35 to 59 percent) in wrinkle reduction, skin smoothness, hydration, and elasticity over a period of two to twelve weeks. Astaplancton/Astaxanthinis definitely a new potential and promising skin anti-aging nutrient that we are proud to introduce to our Modicum community!