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Meet The Team


Monica Behan, Owner & Founder

Monica has a passion for plants and medicines and has for over 20 years studied and read over a 100 books on the subject. Interested in natural homeopathic medicine, keeping our self happy in all ways. Monica describes her self as a relentless researcher and has always has been. This deep respect for nature she summarizes:

”I love anything connected to nature, in plants, nature in general and the power of the plants without side effects. The cellular structure of both plants and human beings are very similar and it has its own natural intelligence. It strives without damage and is subtle in a way artificial medicines don’t. The body gets confused if using something artificial - I want to get the information out there - only use plant based products.”

Monica selected her team based on their different strengths in respective fields of expertise to help Modicum Skincare reach its goals and missions.

"I feel fortunate to have an amazing and competent team around me and everyone has their individual strength which completes the circle of community. I am also blessed to have a great support group of friends and family.  Each havingtheir different skillsets and talents that I rely on for consultation as well.  Whether it is testing products and helping me refine them with suggestions, help with aesthetics for packaging, marketing ideas, technical help or just supportive positive energy to keep moving ahead everyday!  I rely on them not only for my vocation but in general and they rely on me. I believe that is what we are all here for. To help raise each other up to our highest and greatest selves!


Mark Fuller


Mark is the Cosmetic Chemist that has worked with Modicum since the start. Monica knew exactly what ingredients she wanted in the formulations and Marc helped her with percentages and suggestions of other formidable inclusions. Mark also challenged her and threw new ideas her way that required her research to become relentless. He has been an incredible mentor to her not only on the scientific spectrum but in the business end as well. He has worked in many facets of the industry and has been a great guide through uncharted waters. Monica draw from his experience and knowledge continually. He is a very “matter of fact” person and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Yet, he is also a very patient and cares.

Ann-Sofie Fryxell.png

Ann-Sofie Fryxell

Marketing Director & Photographer

Sofie is Swedish and still lives in Sweden, which is very appealing to the Monica, because Sofie has a broader spectrum of the world than most of people in the states.  She is an absolute wiz when it comes to marketing and thinking BIG. 

She has contributed with the knowledge of having our brand vision defined and the brand personality established before we get out in the world. Otherwise, you are just be making broad brush strokes, which makes it more difficult for your community to find you! She is also a gifted photographer, which is how Monica originally met her. Sofie has helped the vision for Modicum to be realized in images as well. Images seem to be equally important if not more than words. We share the same passion about our responsibility to our planet and all its beings. Sofie and Monica describe their creative process as creating creative electricity together!


Deb Collins

Head of Production, Shipping & Receiving

Deb is head of the production team, shipping and receiving and you could say is Monica's right hand woman! Deb is meticulous, methodical and cares greatly about everything she does. She is devoted and doesn’t let anything slip through the cracks.

Lindsey bw.jpg

Lindsey Leve

Digital Marketing Manager

Lindsey is in charge of our social media and most tech tasks. She is the doer when it comes to realizing the brand identity and communication strategy. It doesn’t matter what you throw her way, she is always accountable for each task with pleasure and speed. Lindsey loves the outdoors and animals too.

Hailey bw.jpg

Kelly Wahlstrom

Graphic Designer

Kelly Wahlstrom is our graphic artist. Kelly is a very clear thinker and is a very dedicated person to anything she does. She is also a very kind and caring woman. She has been with Monica before she even launched Modicum to help her create the graphics for everything from logo to all the packaging.

Monica's vision was pretty clear - she had the vintage sunflower leaf , the colors white, green and gold, and she absolutely didn’t want to use any plastic. Kelly helped Monica to realize the vision at its highest level. Kelly has a wonderful sense of aesthetics and doesn’t compromise that in any way. They had many hours of long conversations to establish what would be the initial visual branding. They spent a year just on our packaging alone and Monica couldn’t be happier. Like they say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!

Hailey Honohan


Hailey is a very self realized girl for her age.  She is environmentally conscious, vegan and an animal lover and activist.   For someone her age it is so impressive the level of research she has done and the depth of her convictions. That and the fact that she simply follows her heart.  Hailey helps us to stay connected with our like minded teenage community who also tend to struggle with acne and skin blemishes.  She is very true to her beliefs and is a great representative for our young Modicum consumer.