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All natural & organic skin care products for all skin types. Replenishes, regenerate and restores your skin's nutrients.



Modicum Skincare Mission



The Modicum personality is all about being honest, responsible and devoted - in all that we do. We also value qualities as being loving, compassionate and present in all our experiences.

We believe in the whole picture - of us all as being important cells in a the complex body system of the world. The Modicum Lifestyle is about balance, sharing and by feeling connected. We matter in all we do!


We will do our part in creating a better world through our three missions:

Heal the skin:

on the inside & outside by using natural ingredients, by sharing information about our product, its formula and increase the knowledge of its organic oils. This mission also entails inspiring a healthier lifestyle and recipes.

Heal the mind:

by sharing mindfulness information, inspiration, promoting positivity, growing a strong community feeling, encouraging stress reducing activities that help product self love and care. Contributing to causes that align with our philosophies. 

Heal the world:

by using products that are organic which are better for our bodies and for the earth. Also by being aware of our carbon footprint, always looking to find new ways of making it smaller and inspire others to do the same.