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All natural & organic skin care products for all skin types. Replenishes, regenerate and restores your skin's nutrients.


Our History

Our History

It all started in 1983. Modicum Skin Care was created as a result of creator Monica Behan and her passion for nutrition, wellness and respect for all natural living creatures, which has been cultivating her entire life. She professed to her mother at thirteen that she was going to become a vegetarian. Her mother replied “Okay, but first you have to read Diet For A Small Planet, so you can understand why you want to be a vegetarian.” Her mother stoked her nascent interest in how and what helps our bodies keep themselves balanced. In her fifties she was diagnosed with cancer, but through lifestyle (yoga and meditation) and diet (vegetarian and macrobiotic) she managed to rid her body of cancerous cells completely. Her transformation further inspired Monica’s perspective on health and our individual power to cultivate it.


This experience strengthened her ambition to do more research about the healing force of nature. She started her research on the subject and learned more on the facts that millions of years of organic knowledge is stored in plants. She started to understand that nature already has the perfect way of healing, balance and powerful nutrients. It was a process of unveiling the most obvious of secrets. She relentlessly continued to study books, scientific papers and created her own recipes of healing oils when it all came down to a health scare of her own.

While snowmobiling in the Canadian Rockies, her craft plunged into a deep crevasse at full speed. She awoke from unconsciousness with several broken bones and lacerations on her face and neck. She worried that lacerations to her face would leave her with permanent nerve damage and scars. Plastic surgery was recommended. During her convalescence, she applied a serum of her own invention based on the fundamentals of plant chemistry she had studied. These essential oils and chemical building blocks allowed her skin to rejuvenate naturally, leaving no visible scars—without surgery. Monica now was totally convinced she had to share her story and her knowledge with the world.

In developing Modicum, a team of cosmetic chemists was brought on board to help create and refine the formulas to maximize regeneration. The process was clear and focused - unveil the maximum organic healing strengths while keeping it cruelty free and animal friendly. Years of research boiled down to these facts - there are no short cuts: 

Natural plant based products have amazing healing properties. They can be far more effective for cellular regeneration than any chemical based products.

If we want our skin to be its most vital then we should treat it with love and feed it what it needs from the inside and the outside. Eating healthy is as important as taking care of your skin using all organic oils.

A simple regime is all it takes. Healthy skin doesn’t require a suitcase or vanity full of products. Try it and get a 100 % refund if it is not working for you.

The process can be kept a 100 % cruelty-free. Modicum is 100 % animal friendly with a deep respect for all living creatures.

Welcome to the Modicum Community!

The Modicum brand grows into its personality with help from a team of communicative competences. Big investments were made in getting the products to our clients and Modicum is now ready to grow up - with its Modicum Family - with you!

Do you want to be apart of creating the Modicum Lifestyle by #healingtheskin, #healingthemind and #healingtheworld?

Welcome to explore our Modicum webpage and be a part of a honest, responsible and devoted community.